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    Considering the characteristics of the site where we intended to build the work, the polygon is defined in the basin of contribution and its topography, collects the information of precipitation in the meteorological stations that are within or near the river basin, and with this information, you will get the output; for the period of return design. Based on these results, it makes the geometric design of the hydraulic works.

    • Determination of the maximum avenue, likely for a period of return.
    • Design of hydraulic works: systems decanters in deposits of tailings, spouts leave and conduction works.


    Tests are conducted field and laboratory which allow to characterize, from the geotechnical point of view, the site and define its seismic environment. On the basis of these results and the characteristics of the superstructure are defined by the type of foundation, it determines the load capacity and are obtained settlements in the short and long term.

    • Geotechnical studies to characterize the site.
    • Selection and design of the foundations, considering the static and dynamic stresses.
    • Determining the load capacity of the soil.
    • Calculation of settlements.


    Studies are conducted on topography and soil mechanics to characterize the axis of the track, from the shallow defines the thickness or height of the embankments and analyzes the stability of these. Designing the pavement, considering the structural conditions of the field of rebuke.

    • Geotechnical studies to characterize the site.
    • Characterization of banks of materials.
    • Design of the pavement.
    • Analysis of stability of the embankments.
    • Design of the pavement for embankments desplantados on soils of very low resistance.