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We have the service in general with paileria team MIG welding and ARC. We design, manufacture and construction. The electric arc welding gas-shielded, it is a welding process in which the heat required is generated by an arc between a consumable electrode and the metal to be welded.

A wire massif, naked, that is fed continuously and automatically becomes the metal deposited as consumes, performs the function of electrode.

The electrode, arc, molten metal and adjacent areas of the base metal, are protected from contamination by atmospheric gases through a gas stream which brings the nozzle of the gun, concentric to the wire or electrode.

The process MIG / MAG can be used for the welding of all materials (carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, etc. )

The electrode is continuous, which increases productivity by not having to change electrode and the rate of deposition is high. You can get from welding speeds much higher than with coated electrodes.

This is an easy application process that allows us the welding used in any position. Welds can be carried long without splices between beads. Not required the removal no slag, because that doesn´t exist.